Selected Projects

Check out a few of our favourite projects that we've been working on recently.

Pulp Culture — Enhanced with superfoods and adaptogens, Pulp Culture is fermented fuel for healthy, active lifestyles.
Pulp Culture homepage
Pulp Culture logo
Pulp Culture products
Brendan Brazier running with Pulp Culture
Pulp Culture info panel
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Client: McTavish Brands
Project: Marketing website + ecommerce integration

When Mark & Brendan from Pulp Culture reached out to us about re-styling their website, we leapt at the opportunity to work on such a unique brand and product. Their marketing team was in the midst of a big rebrand and re-packaging initiative, but they needed a website to match their efforts. With inspired colors, great fonts, and really unique graphic elements, we were able to put together a fun and functional site that showcases their great products, company, and vision.

Fiction Foods — A solutions company building the future of food and nutrition.
Fiction Foods homepage
Fiction Foods logo
Fiction Foods founder site
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Client: Fiction Foods
Project: Corporate website + packaging

When Brendan Brazier, co-founder of VEGA, reached out to us about working on the site for his new brand, Fiction Foods, we couldn't resist the opportunity. With a somewhat retro brand vibe and great color palette, the site was an absolute blast to build and we are looking forward to working closely with Brendan and the Fiction team as they grow.

Looking Glass Labs — A digital agency building for the future of the web.
Looking Glass Labs homepage
Looking Glass Labs logo
Looking Glass Labs mission slide
Looking Glass Labs slide
Looking Glass Labs metaverse slide
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Client: Looking Glass Labs
Project: Website + corporate presentation

We were excited to be selected to work with Looking Glass Labs on their company website, corporate presentation, and various media as their chosen design agency. With an amazing brand, great visual assets, and an exciting roadmap, LGL gave us building blocks and creative freedom to craft a great digital portfolio for their corporate media.

Our Approach

We specialize in taking projects from zero to one. Here are some of the foundational elements of how we work with our partners.

Crafting a Unique Narrative

Design is simply a medium to leverage to communicate a message. We work closely with our partners to help them refine and communicate their compelling narrative.

Developing a Clear Visual Identity

We collaborate and experiment to find the right visual identity for what it is that you are building. Together we’ll iterate and optimize to find a clear, beautiful brand.

Building a Cohesive Brand

From your pitch deck to your packaging to your website, we help you design it all. We help our partners build a brand that is both consistent and cohesive.

Intentional Creative Direction

We collaborate with our partners on ideas, concepts, and bold ways to design things that stand out and resonate.

Our Abilities

We build beautiful brands. If you can conceptualize it, we can create it.


We build visual identities, logos and unique brands until we find what represents you best.


We design beautiful websites that illuminate your mission.


We simplify the narrative of what you're building so the world can easily understand it, leveraging elegant and bold design.