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Frequently asked questions

Why do you use Pitch?
We opt to use Pitch instead of traditional presentation software like Powerpoint, Keynote, or Google Slides, as we believe we can build decks faster with better collaboration options.
How long does it take?
Obviously, this varies greatly based on the scope and scale of the project, as well as how quickly we receive instructions and information as well as feedback for revisions.

The being said, we commonly have decks fully completed within a week (often less) and sites done in 2 weeks or less, including revisions!
Why do you use webflow?
We use Webflow for site design as it allows us for unprecedented flexibility in design, without the burden of requiring additional developers or engineers on a project. This allows us to build faster, more performant sites in shorter timeframes.
Can We edit the website?
Absolutely! You will be given a login that will allow you to upload new items to your database (like press releases, team members, etc.) and make quick & easy changes to content on the fly.

Not interested in doing your own updates? Our team can help manage your site.